Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
pickle jars
While the pickling process used to involve hours of sterilizing and boiling canning jars, chefs are finding that speedier methods can produce fresher-tasting results.
french dip sandwich

The familiar roast beef sandwich, typically served with a cup of au jus for dipping, is showing up in a variety of forms in restaurants of all types.


3 greens market salad bar

Operators are getting more creative with customization.

juices smoothies drinks fsd

Here are six ways to snag the attention of these discerning customers.

eggs benedict

Restaurants are taking eggs Benedict in new directions with unique ingredients and techniques. 

ford field

From branded burgers to bacon, this season’s eats are angling for a sales touchdown.

chili harissa

Chef-driven independent restaurants can be the launching pads for noncommercial menu trends. Could the next Sriracha be ready to take off?

baked cinnamon apple

Research and emerging trends suggest what options will appeal to customers as the weather changes. Here are some suggestions for bolstering your menus' appeal this winter...

rice breakfast
Operators in residential dining face unique challenges, such as combating food fatigue and balancing nutritional needs with cravings for the comforting food of home.
In the noncommercial arena, busy schedules are driving people to snack more often and more adventurously. Here's how operators are meeting the demand...


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