Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
green river left hand wonder

Festive beverages are getting customers in the door during the busy holiday season.

empire slice house pizza

Pizza may be a national staple, but its iterations are anything but uniform, with styles native to regions ranging from the Quad Cities to New Haven. As regional menu...

Royal Farms' Mega Meat Breakfast Sandwich

Places once synonymous with roller dogs are stealing some tricks more often used to land the customers of other quick-service operations. Here's a look at some of the...

honey chicken nuggets

Operators are turning to honey to make menu items with fried chicken stand out.

los angeles skyline

To keep ahead of what's trending, steal these ideas from innovative Los Angeles operations. 

american indian dish
Washington University in St. Louis has experimented with Native American-inspired fare for the past four years, thanks to a dedicated effort from dining services.
gumbo soup
Soups and stews are natural vehicles for these odds and ends of vegetables, grains and proteins, but you can’t just add items aimlessly into the pot.
shakshuka egg tomato
A North African egg dish with American appeal is experiencing menu growth.
portillos hot dogs

Hot dog and sausage operations are trending in multiple segments, thanks to affordable ingredients and a variety of flavors.

twitter phone map

While researchers were hoping to study health in different neighborhoods, FSD has takeaways for operators that could lead to successful social media marketing...


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