Managing Staff

A guide to managing staff and enhancing employee performance
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Although today’s noncommercial industry is almost unrecognizable compared to the business of yore, there is always room for improvement. 

kids cooking demo display

When training chefs on the art of display cooking, consider providing these pieces of advice.

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Pocket a few extra tactics to cut down on no-shows.

career stairs ladder

Here are some signs that a worker is supervisor material.

job opportunity recruitment magnifying glass

In the fight for talent, hiring managers are retooling job descriptions to stay competitive.

bad boss mean yell cartoon

And some learnings managers took from their best ones, too. 

team work delegate business

Here are the tasks operators are handing over to get a handle on their ever-expanding duties.

legos work

Here’s how operations are cutting loose without cutting productivity.

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In the central office of University of Michigan’s dining team, an eclectic collection of management and culinary titles collide to form a training library.

operations cafeteria

When guests are from different regions or hometowns with a diversity of dining offerings, it’s up to managers to help employees orbit in the same food universe. 


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