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The increase will phase in starting Jan. 1.
Clarkson University students are protesting what they deem poor food quality and high prices.
Michigan State University is beefing up chef training with an 18-month program.
The measure will create varying rates increasing by different amounts in different areas.
The goal is to shift away from meat-centric menus, officials say.
The kitchens save nearly $230,000 per participating school, officials say.
The program did not appear to boost students’ academic achievement, despite advocates’ hopes, officials say.
The fines—which could equal up to 10 percent of the total amount schools are reimbursed for lunches—are intended to improve the integrity of the program, officials say.
A nonprofit contracted to feed the elderly spent more than $3.5 million earmarked for senior meals on other things.
The near $500,000 project would allow the school to cook and prepare food on premise rather than having it trucked in daily.



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