Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Brandon Valley School District serves breakfast before school and offers a second option less than one hour into the day.
Although Lancer Hospitality has added items to the foodservice program at San Antonio College, students aren’t happy about the prices.
Although food trucks on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus provide students with affordably priced foods, they are concerned about the excess waste created.
The group explored the university’s feeding and wellness facilities.
University of Louisville students can order ahead with an app and use campus dining credits to pay for the food.
With the program set to expire in December, the effort to change certain rules is resuming—none too soon, in the opinions of some school foodservice execs.
Food is being prepared in other areas of Saint John’s Health Center after cockroaches were found in its cafeteria.
Jessica Shelly worked through various programs to land the cost-free enhancements.
Students at two of the district’s elementary schools were served meals made with locally sourced foods.
After receiving student feedback, Greenville County Schools added such choices as St. Louis-style ribs and sushi.


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