Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The foodservice provider’s new executive chef at Franklin College hopes to improve the cafeteria’s food quality by bringing experience with celebrity chefs and a European education to the job.
The chairman of the Senate committee involved in reauthorizing the Child Nutrition Act announced yesterday that a key step in pushing through an updated bill has been delayed indefinitely.
With the expiration of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act less than three weeks away, School Nutrition Association President Jean Ronnei sent a letter to key members of congress Monday, stressing the...
A recent study found that children in schools with shorter lunch periods tend to eat less and throw away more food.
Bowdoin College and Northwestern University top the Thrillist list of the best college and university dining halls in the country.
The University of South Florida’s food pantry opened September 1 for students struggling to secure a meal.
Bertrand Weber, director of Minneapolis Public Schools' culinary and nutrition services, says kids should be required to include fresh produce in their diets and schools should move away from...
Monroe, chef at Maryland-based Washington College, won the foodservice provider’s 2015 Mid-Atlantic Region Chef of the Year award, part of its Be-A-Star program.
Lockwood School officials say they’ve encouraged the activity part of fighting obesity by adding breakfast in the classroom, sparing students the choice of either eating before school or playing...
Students in Seminole and Orange county schools will be served mostly anti-biotic-free chicken, a new macaroni and cheese recipe and a new selection of breads that include pretzel rolls and ciabatta.


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