Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The new cafeteria at Marysville School District will be as energy efficient and tech savvy as possible, and will be open throughout the school day.
The Picayune School District, which was offering a free summer lunch program, will only run through July 17. Parents are being encouraged to get free hot lunch while it’s available.
A Michigan elementary school is using $200,000 in grants to renovate its cafeteria, which will also become a multipurpose room for the community.
Starting this fall, Londonderry High School will offer a new cafeteria menu that officials hope will increase appetites and revive declining sales.
Twelve Green Bay-area schools have secured small grants to help fund on-site gardens, through the collaboration of Live54218, a nonprofit, and KI, a contract furniture company.
The state is ending its prison foodservice contract halfway through the planned term. A myriad of alleged issues, from meal shortages to drug smuggling, prompted the termination.
By creating a five-week cycle menu that changes depending on the season, a program funded through Iowa State University was able to increase the usage of Iowa-grown foods in four state school...
Georgia’s electric cooperatives are partnering with local farms to provide produce in their employee cafeterias, allowing support for the “Georgia Grown” initiative.
The global foodservice provider has named the Baylor University executive chef the company’s 2015 Volunteer of the Year, in recognition of his commitment to volunteer service and leadership in his...
An additional $3.3 million will be provided to the farm-to-school program, allowing all school districts to purchase locally grown food.


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