Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
One truck serves ice cream, while the other offers a variety of tacos influenced by world cuisines.
Fort Lewis College students and Sodexo executives gathered for their first focus group, during which RAs voiced specific concerns regarding the food their job requires them to eat.
Jennifer Gerard earned a state award for her Bay2Tray program.
Barnesville Exempted Village School District received more than $1,000 to help students who can’t afford to buy school lunch.
With World Food Day behind us (Oct. 16) and National Food Day a few days away (Oct. 24), events are being held worldwide to promote sustainable food and improved food policies. Here are what several...
Temple University’s goal to have its own food truck area could happen as early as this year, although some detail—like the cost to vend on campus—are still up in the air.
Atlanta Public Schools are adding kale smoothies to its high school menus this week. Officials say the smoothies, which were popular during recent student taste tests, will eventually be served in...
Chesapeake Public Schools students can hop aboard for lessons on healthy eating.
The lawsuit alleges the kitchens at Mount Sinai Hospital were so dirty that an elderly patient was sickened by listeria bacteria and died.
Experts at the University of California, San Francisco want them to be more like the fast-casual chain and phase out their use of antibiotic-loaded meat.


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