Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Cafeteria workers at Dawkins Middle School are learning to make meals from scratch using fresh, locally grown ingredients.
UC is the first public university in the U.S. to establish a $15 minimum wage, which will be phased in through 2017.
James Renshaw, foodservice director at Texas-based Treemont, wanted to remind dining staff about their key role in providing the best-possible dining experience for residents.
To help students avoid embarrassment and remain well fed throughout the day, Baltimore City Public Schools will now offer free breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of their families’...
Grand Living at Lake Lorraine features multiple dining areas so its residents don’t have to eat in the same place several times a day.
The Ball State University director of campus dining was recognized for his “exemplary contributions” to the organization and the foodservice industry.
The center was renamed the Institute of Child Nutrition after officials determined a name change and new logo would better reflect its mission to promote the continuous improvement of child-nutrition...
An USDA official says that although Oklahoma’s summer-nutrition program has grown, it still isn’t expansive enough to meet students’ needs.
Tarleton State University’s food pantry will open this fall, providing healthy food to students and staff who may otherwise not have enough to eat.
Eden Prairie School District recently received a $12,500 grant that officials hope will reduce the number of lunch trays and other reusable items that need to be repurchased when students throw them...


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