Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The restaurant chain will get a berth in Carnegie Mellon University’s renovated space.
They have the purchasing might to force down the price of alternatives, and are set to use it next year.
Students in five states can now have a Slurpee and a bag of Doritos brought to their dorm room.
The 2015 winners of the agency’s Food Recovery Challenge used a variety of tactics to divert more than 600,000 tons of food from landfills.
The fast-casual brand’s first C&U location is on the University of Kentucky’s Lexington campus.
A San Francisco voice on nutrition reform says opponents of the rules in their current state are clouding the issue with out-and-out “myths.”
A new list ranks C&U foodservices’ top rivals for late-night orders.
Sunrise Senior is the first in that segment to participate as a national partner.
Officials say the machines are an alternative to offer such options as salads, yogurts and sandwiches outside of cafeteria hours.
Northwestern University officials are being pressured by students to offer dining-hall works more perks.


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