Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The decision impacts about 1,700 employees, including 500 foodservice staffers, many of who will receive a 33 percent pay increase.
Saginaw Valley State University is continuing with the foodservice contractor, stating it is pleased with the services provided thus far and that foodservice on a college campus is different than in...
Nearly half of working parents say they pack lunch for their children, citing fears that cafeterias are “unclean” or “unsanitary.”
The findings will be reviewed to see whether there is sufficient evidence to file charges, L.A. Unified School District spokeswoman Jane Robison said, adding that it was not known how long the review...
The Mexican food chain said it will allow students at 40 colleges to order delivery through a third-party app starting this fall.
The foodservice contractor is featuring customized celebrity-chef dishes and giving traditional stadium foods a health tweak.
Penn Dining created the hashtag for students to give feedback through social media and help impact future menu choices.
The university owed $6.5 as of April 30, with the debt continuing to grow by some $182,000 per week. “Catch-up” payments are being made to pay off the debt.
Rouler, a mobile kitchen, is only accepting meal credits and will specialize in New Orleans food.
Winsight, LLC will use its print, digital and event assets as new platforms for broadcasting insights from the research company, which will continue to operate under the Technomic name.


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