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The four-week program delivers “cook and chill” meals to discharged patients at risk of becoming malnourished.
Floor ambassadors, who take orders by iPad, foster a connection with patients and ensure meal choices align with their recommended diets.
The agreement maintains strong regulations, with a few concessions.
The bill will provide flexibility to nutrition professionals who operate school and summer feeding programs, according to a source familiar with the draft legislation.
Some schools in the district have depleted more than half of their budget and will not be able to continue operating for the remainder of the year, officials say.
Changes included implementing “garden bars” at all schools, as well as build-your-own meal options such as a weekly taco bar.
Authorities believe a renovation may have raised the hazard.
The Harmony station at Loyola Marymount University will rotate menu items weekly.
Kim Minestra, director of nutrition services at Evanston Township High School, will serve as president.
Changes include reducing the amount of pasta served, rotating menus more often and featuring those menus on a mobile application.


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