Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Officials at OSU say the menu will be a Mexican-BBQ hybrid.
Students prepare the school’s lunches as part of their education.
Officials at the University of Montana say the goal of the program is to help students identify healthy foods.
The program works with farmers in the state to feed students home-state meat.
The Big Orange Meal Share allows students to donate any or all of the five guest meals they receive with their meal plan each semester to peers in need.
Mark Mollentine is known for transforming cafeteria food typically high in calories, fat and sugar into healthier options. Here are tips for others who want to give it a try.
Officials at Northwestern say the goal is to cultivate an educational experience for students, as well as a student-friendly environment.
Nearly one in five high school students say such programs play a significant role in where they will apply.
Students donate uneaten lunch items, giving peers a chance to take leftovers before they are given to local pantries or meal programs.
The cafeteria director said he hopes to also make the school’s Pasta Wednesdays gluten free.


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