Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Leah Schmidt was presented with the award for Foodservice Director of the Year.
Drexel University’s Good Food Flats will feature a food lab, a commercial kitchen, a pop-up restaurant and an incubator to grow produce.
Students at West Ottawa Public Schools can also sort menu items by allergen, officials say.
Faced with falling student interest, UConn switched up the menu for its Food for Thought truck.
The bipartisan bill gives foodservice operators a break on sodium, whole grains and fruit and vegetable standards.
She will also head the contractor’s school-feeding operations worldwide.
The facilities plan to raise the portion of ABF proteins to 20 percent.
The four-week program delivers “cook and chill” meals to discharged patients at risk of becoming malnourished.
Floor ambassadors, who take orders by iPad, foster a connection with patients and ensure meal choices align with their recommended diets.
The agreement maintains strong regulations, with a few concessions.


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