Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
AOL Co-Founder Steve Case, via his investment fund Revolution Growth, has now made a second deal to fund a company focused on healthy eating.
Wisconsin nutrition educators work to get students excited about where the food comes from and the school garden.
School lunch is not what it used to be. The jokes have written themselves over the years, stereotyping cafeteria meals ladled up by lunch ladies, trays filled with mystery meat and canned fruit...
The White House waded into in the middle of a Congressional food fight over how to regulate school lunch.
The ferocity of first lady Michelle Obama's counterattack against a proposal to temporarily waive school lunch standards shows what's really at stake in Congress: a $10 billion effort to...
First lady Michelle Obama and school lunch ladies used to be on the same team, but now they’re locked in a political war against each other.
The Caesar salads served up in some school cafeterias are about to cut their commute time, as a new processing center will allow more local produce to be served in schools.
At a school where a teacher says too many kids go hungry, hundreds of pounds of unopened food are being thrown away in a dumpster each week.
This year, competitors were given a mystery ingredient to include in their dish.
Prince William County cafeterias are not selling milk this week, after workers reported some spoiled containers of milk.


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