Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Food prices will be worth paying attention to this year both on and off campus.
Grocery bills across college athletics are set to increase, the result of a proposal aimed at beefing up an athlete’s access to food.
For students at Deerfield’s Walden Elementary School, lunchtime this year is often like dining out at one of their favorite restaurants.
The Cook Café devised a meal swipe policy this semester to counter the 4,500 students moving through the Cook Campus Center each week at dinnertime.
A few years ago, one shiny tech campus cafeteria with a gourmet chef was enough to lure employees and plenty of media attention.
Starting next year, all undergraduate students at UT will be required to purchase a meal plan, an idea that met with some opposition late last year.
At some point in their undergraduate careers, Brown students may have snacked on an oatmeal-raisin cookie while waiting in line for their salad at Jo’s.
Gone are the days when a hefty, hair-netted woman scooped slop onto kids’ Styrofoam trays and called it lunch.
Just in time for Earth Week, Georgian Bay General Hospital aims to eliminate 907 kilograms of waste from going to the landfill. And that’s just the start.
Estephanie Pérez Hernández, Emily Ventura, and Graciela García wanted more out of their cafeteria at Monterey High.


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