Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
With the help of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, CAMA developed its Great Living Menu.
A recent survey by the Life Time Foundation shows that less than 6% of parents feel their children are receiving healthier meals.
The group spent more than $105,000 on its case with Congress, which is up from $53,887 during the previous three months.
About 70% of elementary students "generally like the new lunches," a study backed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows...
This summer, Erbert & Gerbert’s Bistro will open three locations on campus and offer quick food items, such as sandwiches and soups.
Under new USDA Smart Snacks rules, states can determine how many days districts can opt out of rules regarding fundraising.
The hospital plans on growing 12 different veggies, including tomatoes, peppers and squash.
Last Friday, The White House treated 54 kid chefs to a "state dinner," which was hosted by the First Lady...
Striding past samples of Pop Tarts and pizza and cookies, Jessica Shelly made a beeline for a booth selling individually packaged sliced fruits and veggies.
According to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most children eat some fruits and veggies daily, but few eat dark green veggies.


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