Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
When Grinnell reopens for students in fall 2014, students can anticipate a revamped dining program that offers greater variety and accessibility for students.
College students can be such finicky eaters that they sometimes will leave behind virtually an entire kitchen full of food.
James Neilson Dining Hall on Cook campus was having an average lunch hour yesterday, with students casually eating and chatting about class and life.
An effort to stop meal plan changes at the University of Tennessee has gained momentum, with over 1,000 students signing an online petition.
District 65 parents voiced heated opposition Thursday night to a proposed district policy that would require all food served at school events to be commercially prepared.
Becky Domokos-Bays of Alexandria City Public Schools has served her students whole-grain pasta 20 times. Each time, she said, they rejected it.
The former head of foodservices for the District’s public schools alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that the school system was overcharged, billed for spoiled produce and shorted millions of...
In February, students learned about Pizza Hut’s March closing in the University Center food court. A survey of more than 2,400 students revealed what options are most desired: healthy options and...
The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, along with Health Sciences Centre, have launched a new food distribution system to the Children’s Hospital.
In many ways, Kent-Meridian High School’s cafeteria is your typical American lunchroom — sound of teenage chatter, trays bumping against one another, and the smell of French fries wafting throughout...


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