Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Industrial blenders mix up smoothies for students in New York while some schools in California are adding salad bars. In Dallas, campus cafeterias use pass-through coolers and warmers to make sure...
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack fired back Wednesday at Republican-led efforts to weaken nutrition guidelines in the federal school lunch program.
Healthier food options are now being offered at several state cafeterias and snack shops across Oahu as part of a new state worksite wellness initiative.
Within the dining halls at the University of California, Davis, tossed-out food scraps have recently become empowered—quite literally.
Rapid City Area Schools is trying to collect $8,000 in outstanding debt from unpaid school meals.
Luis Pozo’s lunch tray was the size of a notebook, a thin cardboard rectangle he used to carry his noon meal through the cafeteria of Francis Scott Key Middle School in Silver Spring.
Offutt and Edwards Air Force Bases receive Hennessey Awards for operations.
In the next couple of years, breakfast cereal food prices will increase due to impacts of climate change.
Minneapolis Public Schools recently asked Steven Brown of Tilia to join their True Food Chef Council.
House Republicans are proposing a new bill to let some schools to opt out of healthier school lunch programs if they are losing money.


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