Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
A new study concludes that what consumers eat is influenced by food placement and proximity.
The association is not optimistic on the passage of child nutrition legislation during this fiscal year.
A Massachusetts district hopes its new committee will address parents’ foodservice complaints.
A survey shows fears of legal actions from new regulations are running high.
The social media giant filed permits for a 23,000-square-foot project as part of its Texas outpost.
The presumptive presidential nominee says K-12 foodservice workers deserve a raise.
Amusement parks are sporting new food options and an eye toward full service.
The new prices aren't worth it, the parents say...
Offering old favorites that partially meet regulations upped traffic by hundreds of students a day.
Enforcement of a measure requiring employers to disclose conversations with labor consultants during unionization drives has been blocked temporarily until a pending lawsuit is decided.


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