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The packages would be provided to freshmen in a bid to stop silverware theft in the dining halls.
Wicked Eats will offer globally inspired street food. Guests will be able to customize each dish with their choice of protein, vegetables and sauce.
A bill that would disallow schools from denying lunch to indebted students was passed by the state Senate Thursday. The legislation now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown.
With the press of a button, students can offer leftover food to their peers. The food cam is the latest sustainability effort from Emerson College in Boston.
The station was switched to full service to foster food safety and fight waste.
Students will be able to create their own dishes based on rotating themes, such as “street taco Mondays." Pre-prepped ingredients will be used to assemble the dishes...
Reusable thermoses will take their place in the dining hall.
The initiative is expected to reach an extra 200,000 students in the nation’s biggest school district. It is not anticipated to cost the city additional money.
Students had been requesting Cuban food on campus. Vicky Cafe will serve traditional Cuban cuisine, including tostadas, pan con bistec and cafe con leche.
Its five cafeterias were remodeled with decor ranging from a jungle to a 1950s-style diner. The district’s foodservice fund was used to pay for all the renovations.


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