Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Josh McCulloch, supervisor for nutrition and food services, opens up about working in the hospital's foodservice department...
Local residents enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs Friday afternoon at Milligan Park through the Crawfordsville Community School Corporation’s Summer Feeding program.
To the vast relief of school kids, nutritionists, milk producers and lawmakers, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy used his veto power Thursday to kill a bill that would have banned chocolate milk sales in...
Last fall, students from Slow Food UNH coordinated a pilot program which included a “Slow Fish Workshop."...
Last year they battled over how much to help poor Americans afford groceries. Now Democrats and Republicans in Congress are waging another food fight, this time over nutritional standards for...
The cafeterias are being reorganized and rebranded with new signs and new lunch lines called The Stuffed Tomato and Daily Eats
Vending machines at the Franciscan Alliance hospitals have new options, such as baked chips, pretzels, milk and more.
Whether a former Valparaiso Community Schools food service manager will face criminal charges for theft is likely up to the school district.
A statewide effort to get more students to eat breakfast is yielding surprisingly positive results.
The vote, which was expected last Thursday, has been delayed to next week.


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