Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Latest survey from SNA reveals many districts fear consequences of new nutrition mandates.
Ninety-percent of park-goers selected healthier snack items in vending machines.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ dining center was built with private-public funding and will revert back to university ownership after it’s paid back from revenues generated at the hall.
As the segment grows and clientele changes, the role of the chef is also seeing a makeover.
Virginia Beach’s new unpaid lunch policy, if approved, would send bill collectors after unpaid accounts.
Although the management company was fined, Gov. Rick Snyder says there is no plan to cancel Aramark’s contract.
The truck will help serve athletes, without the cost of building new dining locations.
Moore County schools works to reduce salt without sacrificing taste.
Dining services departments take a hands-on approach to ensure food safety.
Colorado foodservice department wants to serve more students by taking meals mobile.


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