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First lady Michelle Obama said it was "natural" that kids are "grumbling" over new requirements for schools to fill vending machines and lunch lines with healthier food, but that...
According to the USDA, new school meal standards will force school districts and states to absorb $1.22 billion in new food, labor and administrative costs in fiscal year 2015.
The Kauai County Council has unanimously passed a resolution urging state officials, parents and guardians to prevent students from going hungry at schools
Voorheesville schools were in the vanguard of districts opposing more strict federal school lunch program guidelines, but an ongoing operating deficit has forced the district back in line.
Two Chandler schools joined a new lunch program this year that caters restaurant meals directly to students.
Since its implementation this spring, the Pizza Box Composting Project created by NC State Waste Reduction and Recycling has composted about 3,789 pizza boxes to date and shows no signs of slowing...
The choice between a plain bagel and one with cream cheese, so innocuous to millions of Americans every morning, gave athletics compliance officials fits when straddling the line between NCAA...
First Stop, the all-day breakfast restaurant at MapleStreet Station and in the West Lobby of Harris Dining Hall, is the only dining facility on campus that has students order and pay on iPads.
Forget the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner mealtimes. Today’s on-the-go college students would rather snack, a Y-Pulse consumer study conducted in September 2014 finds.
Trouble struck Dining Services this year, with too few staff and too many hours, Morris University Center Director Joseph Pearson said.


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