Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The state Department of Education has directed 68 schools to spend all of the funds that have been provided by the state and federal agencies.
An offer for a $1 ice cream dessert could only be used by students who ate a meal from the cafeteria, angering parents of children who bring their lunches from home.
The outlet was opened in February to provide another place where students could use their meal plan swipe cards, but dining services says the expected traffic never materialized. The 251 Express shop...
The Denny’s family restaurant chain plans to expand its presence on college campuses by opening more units of a fast-casual variation called The Den, patterned after the outlet that opened at the...
Foodservice contractor Aramark is considering the adoption of Apple’s iPhone payment system as a way for stadium customers buying food and beverages at their seats to pay for the purchase, president...
The foodservice management division of the Luby’s cafeteria company boosted revenues for the fiscal year ended Aug. 27 by 11.4 percent, to $18.6 million, the company announced.
At many Atlanta Public Schools, students are now digging into sushi, smoothies and flat-bread pizza, thanks to a farm-to-school movement designed to increase variety, freshness and healthy choices.
The lettuce for Laura’s salad comes from her school’s front yard and from the yards of more than 100 people living around Ashlawn Elementary in Arlington, Virginia.
The Iowa City Community School District is updating its food allergy protocols after staff last month inadvertently served a student with peanut allergies a peanut butter sandwich.
The University of Alabama’s Bama Dining is showing its gratitude for veterans and active duty military personnel this Veterans Day.


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