Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
With the hustle and bustle of over 80,000 students, workers, and faculty at Arizona State University — one of the nation’s largest universities — making it through one day without waste is nearly...
On Nov. 11, nearly 40 residents of Oakwood Common will be honored at a special breakfast to commemorate Veterans Day.
Ohio University soon will look to get in on that food-on-wheels action in the form of a food truck called the "The Hungry Cat."...
Starting Monday, Fairview Hospitals across Minnesota rolled out a new food menu for patients and guests.
Charlottesville encourages students to place the food they don’t want on these “sharing tables” for other students, but not every item finds a home.
More than 300 McKenzie-­Willamette Medical Center workers returned to work Friday after a three-day strike protesting pay, working conditions and proposed increases to employee health care costs.
Richland County Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to re-bid a food service contract for the county jail, juvenile detention and the Community Alternative Center just two months after accepting...
Each academic year, Bowdoin Dining Services loses roughly 960 knives, 1800 forks, 2400 spoons, 800 mugs and 1500 cups.
Farmington school officials say they have addressed student complaints about school lunches and are making some changes to cafeteria procedures.
UW Health plans to stop selling sugar-sweetened beverages by the end of the year, becoming one of the first health care organizations in Wisconsin to eliminate sugary drinks as a way to encourage...


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