Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Students at Highlands High School can get fries with their meal anytime they want after Fort Thomas Independent Schools dropped out of the federal meals program this year.
Today the School Nutrition Association is Washington’s loudest and most public critic of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.
Starting today, meat is off the menu at all Sarasota County schools. They're launching Meatless Mondays...
WJCC Child Nutrition Services and the Williamsburg Health Foundation’s Student Health Initiative Program have partnered in an effort to improve the quality of school lunches — and raise healthier...
Arabica-coffee prices reached their highest level in 2½ years on Monday, after projections for more dry weather in Brazil sowed worries about lackluster future harvests, the Wall Street Journal...
Over the last 13 months, the Redskins have changed the diets of many players by converting the basketball and racquetball courts in the Redskins Park basement into a made-to-order, healthy-options...
The chefs were judged on their ability to meet Sunrise’s Signature Dining criteria, which includes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.
Little Louie’s, located in University Residence South on the east side of campus, opened Aug. 25 after Papa John’s closed due to poor sales.
Starting Sept. 22, much of the food and beverages sold at Associated Student (AS) Dining Services increased in price for the first time in four years.
With the new Mountain View Bistro, chefs will prepare dishes that include local fruits and vegetables, for specialties like made-to-order pizzas, chicken and roasted veggie tacos, and grilled salmon.


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