Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The BackPack program in the Richmond County, Ga., school district provides 100 children with canned and packaged goods so their families can create two weekend meals to help keep them fed. The...
Students want more meal plan options, healthier food choices and longer operating hours.
Cafeteria workers in Halifax County Public Schools have until April 15 to decide whether they want to join Sodexo, the district’s new foodservice provider, or remain on the school district's...
The legislation would require foodservice departments in school districts that contain a middle school or high school to provide menu items that reflect the cultural preferences and dietary needs of...
It’s important for operators to understand growing trends in the foodservice industry, from using environmental nutrition to make smarter choices to adequately managing an increase in consumer...
The state’s new Superintendent of Education is allowing schools to apply for a waiver to sell unhealthy snacks on certain days.
Sodexo and the University of Louisville are in talks to increase meal plan costs by $25-$45 after the foodservice manager underestimated how much it would cost over time to deliver food to students.
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says that Children’s Hospital of Georgia’s decision to include a McDonald’s restaurant on its premises indicates “misaligned interests.”
After receiving a Nutrition Integrity grant, Cleveland School District, in Bolivar County, Miss., replaced fat fryers with steam ovens at two schools to make healthier meals for its students.
Despite bad publicity about the company’s food delivery services in state facilities, Lorain County officials say they have a good working relationship with Aramark.


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