Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Cafeteria food has taken on a fresh, new twist in the Biloxi School District. This week, Biloxi schools are serving dishes that feature products grown in Mississippi.
A shift in student and faculty culture has led to wider participation in sustainable activities and lower waste-emitting rates, according to this university’s annual Sustainability Progress Report...
Unlike other restaurants on Cumberland Avenue, the two UT Dining locations accept Dining Dollars as payment from students, creating what the Cumberland Merchants Association describes as an unfair...
Guidelines instituted by the federal government have impacted what students at Salamanca and elsewhere can and can’t bring into the lunchroom.
Sysco is suing to try to block the release of its contracts with University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
As “scoop and serve” models of the past are making way for restaurant-style dining services in senior living, providers are taking note of their hiring practices—which today involve recruitment of...
Parents and students have complained that school lunches aren’t as filling as they used to be thanks to new federal guidelines. But administrators say students are still throwing food out.
Cafeteria workers at Frontier Central schools are concerned that their jobs may be affected when the district tries to plug a predicted $290,000 deficit in the food service budget this year.
Maranacook Community High School recently held several events in conjunction with Maine Harvest Lunch Week, Sept. 29-Oct. 3.
The city's in-school scrap collection program will grow from 90 schools to more than 720 around the city — including every public school in Manhattan and Staten Island, the Department of...


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