Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Temple University students may see plan costs go up at the start of the next school year.
The city’s 1,800 public school cafeterias received 8,114 health violations in the past year.
The vendor has announced a new partnership and released a seafood sourcing policy.
The school sells an average of 110 meals featuring the rotisserie meat daily.
Trayless dining, composting and garnering student feedback are some of the ways the school is reducing what it throws away.
The department says the web-based process will improve the programs’ integrity.
The station, which serves vegan comfort and street foods, grew sales 400%.
A middle school invited students to serve lunch to encourage their peers to eat healthier.
Regional dining services directors were among those let go to trim costs.
Officials say that the tours, part of the district’s first Food Day for Parents, will give an in-depth look at how school meals are prepared.


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