Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
An Indiana hospital is being recognized as being the most environmentally progressive in the state for programs including a rooftop garden and composting program to battle food waste.
Bowling Green students with meal plans may donate one meal-card swipe per week to students who are in need of food. Donated swipes are put on cards, with five swipes each, that are then given to...
Students have complained to Sodexo aboutnot checking perishable food items in a campus C-store more frequently. Manager Gwen Burney says this is not her first time hearing of the problem.
A letter and recipe from a first grader led to a new item being added to the school lunch menu – pigs in a blanket.
A school district is monitoring students and staff after a cafeteria worker was diagnosed with Hepatitis A.
A plan by Boston public schools to cut costs by reducing the variety and number of food offerings is raising concerns among parents and foodservice employees, worried students won’t find anything... has ranked the top 100 school districts in the nation based on their cafeteria offerings. A high ranking is gained by offering a variety of healthy, quality food options with dietary...
The CDC believes contaminated Blue Bell ice cream led to five Kansas hospital patients being sickened, resulting in three deaths.
About 66% of top managers in corporate, healthcare and educational institutions are convinced improving quality of life is a strategic priority, according to a Sodexo report.
An Aramark employee supposedly told a kitchen worker to serve cake that was partially eaten by rodents to fellow inmates at a correctional facility in Michigan.


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