Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
No hourly foodservice workers will lose their jobs when Bon Appetit Management Company takes over operations at Emory University. Employee benefits, food quality and sustainability were factors in...
In one New Jersey school district, a foodservice contractor has solved the problem of serving school meals that satisfy both government mandates and students’s appetites.
H.J. Heinz and Kraft Foods Group have agreed to merge in a mega-deal that would create the third-largest food manufacturer in North America. The deal must be approved by shareholders and government...
The district’s superintendent apologized after a high school cafeteria manager created two serving lines and barred students receiving free or reduced-price lunch from one of them.
When the Wisconsin university replaces Sodexo with Chartwells in May, 116 employees will lose their jobs unless the new contractor hires them.
The latest report from a nonprofit physicians group suggests an unhealthy relationship between fast food chains and some hospitals.
Students at Pierce College are hungry for fresh food. The campus is the latest in the Los Angeles Community College District where officials have abandoned foodservice to save money.
San Diego Unified School District is investigating a rat problem after an employee in one high school found large amounts of rodent droppings in the cafeteria and other locations.
New initiative supplies students in need with four meals and snacks every Friday to help keep them fed over the weekend.
Corrections center employees are worried their jobs and benefits could be affected by a decision to extend a contract to Aramark.


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