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Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found two critical points in children’s lives when exposure to junk food is most harmful. The discovery could help prevent people’s dependence on...
The Kansas City Health Department had cited foodservice provider Aramark for safety violations in 2014, when inspectors found moldy food at concession stands during baseball playoff games.
Healthy but unpopular lunches are costing cafeterias nationwide. One foodservice director has even vowed to write to Michelle Obama to voice her concerns.
An Alaskan school district is considering implementing a stricter nutritional policy, one that would include making healthy foods cheaper than junk foods.
Large agricultural states such as California are lagging behind smaller, East Coast states in becoming part of the farm-to-school movement, according to a report from National Public Radio.
One elementary school is moving leftover food from cafeteria tables to local farms, inviting farmers who need feed to pick up the school’s food scraps .
Students at a Chicago-area high school designed their ideal salads, then saw their artwork become conversation pieces on the cafeteria wall.
The 2015 MLB season welcomes fans to a plethora of new ballpark food monstrosities. Check out photos of some of the most outrageous concoctions. took the top basketball schools in the nation, pitted them against each other bracket-style, and crowned the “Nation’s Greenest University.”
CDC official says that school lunches that meet federal nutrition guidelines can reduce students’ sodium intake by 400 milligrams per day.


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