Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The community has installed an around-the-clock snack bar and uses tablets to solicit resident feedback.
Researches are trying various seasonings to keep kids from throwing produce in the trash.
Students place unopened food in a centralized cooler to be eaten by peers or donated to the local library.
The school hopes the service will also boost sales at less-popular dining halls.
An Indiana high school has seen sales jump 20% for meals and 10% for a la carte items.
The stations aim to draw more students to the dining hall.
The group will award grants to districts in 10 states to help start school breakfast programs.
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt will fulfill student orders via drone by appointment.
Bistro 464 seeks to suit more adventurous tastes.
The university and its students are reportedly stockpiling food in anticipation of a potential strike.


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