Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
High school culinary students have to rethink their restaurant's menu, according to state officials, because it doesn’t follow the new nutrition rules set down by the USDA...
A school district lost its foodservice hub when a high school kitchen and cafeteria went up in flames. The kitchen contained all the commodities for the high school, seven elementary schools, the...
Democrats are proposing to expand the federal school lunch program to weekends and holidays, creating a full-time nutrition program.
In October 2014, an Aramark employee instructed kitchen workers to serve food that had been thrown into the trash to fellow inmates. The Michigan Department of Corrections says Aramark fired the...
A mother urges the district to ban peanuts after her daughter had a severe allergic reaction at school. Currently, the district has peanut-free lunch tables and classrooms.
After outrage from its members, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will end its partnership with Kraft, through which the academy’s ‘Kids Eat Right’ label appeared on the cheese product.
In response to student complaints that it was serving nearly raw meat and rotten produce, Aramark says it will step up its feedback process at a Canadian university.
Vegetarians at one Midwestern college say they are struggling to meet daily nutrition needs, because they have few menu choices.
Chef Dan Barber spoke about using "the whole farm," including repurposing waste into main dishes, to “support the ecology."...
UCSC recruited Chef Jet Tila to help set a Guinness World Record for longest granola bar, measuring 420 feet and containing nearly 250 pounds of ingredients.


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