Non-Commercial Industry Members Honored for Green Practices

May 12—Two non-commercial industry members were honored in the first-ever Growing Green Awards, which are given by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The two non-commercial winners are Fedele Bauccio, CEO and founder of Bon Appétit Management Company, and Jamie Harvey, founding member of Health Care Without Harm.

Bauccio was honored in the Business Leader category for Bon Appétit’s
Low Carbon Diet, which is on track to reduce the company’s client
carbon emissions by 25% from 2007 to 2010. To accomplish this goal, Bon
Appétit and Bauccio have reduced the use of foods with high global
warming impacts, such as beef and air-transported ingredients, sourcing
locally and reducing food waste.


Harvie was honored in the Thought Leader category for his work to bring
environmental and social awareness to hospital foodservice. So far 240
hospitals have signed the company’s pledge, which supports food
production methods and distribution that are better for public and
environmental health.


A third winner, Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power, was also
honored for his work in creating an urban farm in Milwaukee that
integrates year-round aquaculture and vegetable production.


The National Resources Defense Council is a nonprofit organization of
scientists, lawyers and environmental specialists dedicated to
protecting public health and the environment.