Google reconfigures science of its cafeteria

Employed PhD to rearrange cafeteria to encourage healthy eating.

Oct. 5—Can a few simple changes make a cafeteria healthier ? Dining managers at Google thinks so. With help from an in-house behavioral PhD, Google reconfigured its cafeteria with visual queues in a bid to make employees healthier and happier. 


Seefood: One of the first changes started with the replacement of the clear, hanging M&M candy dispensers. Opaque bins with hard candy in them were used as alternative. Having no idea what kind of candy lies in the dispenser stifles the attraction. The simple act of putting the candy into the jar deters most people. The result was a 9% drop in caloric intake from candy.

Salad first: Putting the theory to another test, Google positioned its salad bars up front and center. When hungry, people tend to go for the first food that is available. Start at the salad bar and it will naturally be your first choice.