Eat’n Park Employee Receives Organic Certification

June 18—Jamie Moore, director of sourcing and sustainability for Eat’n
Park Hospitality, of which Parkhurst Dining Services and Cura
Hospitality are divisions, recently received his organic inspector’s
certification license through The International Organic Inspectors
Association (IOIA), a professional non-profit association of organic
farm, livestock and processing inspectors that provides comprehensive
organic inspector training worldwide.

“Our goal is to better understand the challenges, concerns and issues
of farming; to build upon the relationships we have established with
hundreds of local farmers; and, overall, promote the consistency and
integrity of foods so we may both benefit in our respective
‘fields’—serving guests healthy, safe, fresh, high-quality foods,”
Moore said in a press release.


Moore is the only foodservice professional of the IOIA. Eat’n Park
Hospitality supports local agriculture through FarmSource, a
sustainable sourcing program that establishes relationships with local
farms. Through FarmSource, Eat’n Park Hospitality clients are able to
support growth for local commerce by more than 20%.