Compass Group launches “flexitarian” eating initiative

Jan. 5—Compass Group, working with the Humane Society of the United States, has implemented the “Be a Flexitarian” initiative. The initiative will promote more variety of meat-free options to encourage healthier, more sustainable and humane eating.

The initiative, according to a Compass Group press release, is the largest corporate program of its kind in the world. Deanne Brandstetter, vice president of nutrition and wellness for Compass Group, said the company is asking its customers to take a pledge to eat at least one meatless meal a week.

“Our cafés will feature more meatless entrées and meals and new meatless menu items will be added regularly,” Brandstetter said. “Via Facebook, we are hoping to encourage our customers to do this at home. Also there is lots of recipe sharing among fans in addition to our weekly recipe for home, which appears on our Facebook page.”

Brandsetter says between 30 and 40 recipes were distributed to accounts as part of a flexitarian guide; additionally Compass Group is releasing eight to 10 new recipes each month for the remainder of the year. The company also will be updating the Facebook page with at least one new recipe per week. She adds that the promotion is not mandatory, but units are encouraged to offer at least one meatless entrée each day.

“Compass Group is committed to providing healthy meals and building sustainable communities, and our new flexitarian initiative is a great step toward achieving both of these goals,” said Cheryl Queen, Compass Group vice president of corporate communications. “We’re delighted to have this opportunity to highlight the culinary versatility of meat-free foods that promote better health and preserve the environment.”