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Steal This Idea
One of the ways we celebrated Earth Day this year was by incorporating fresh herbs into some of the dishes served at each station, such as Mint Chicken and Basil Pasta.
We launched an Herban Veggie Garden on our patio connected to our cafeteria in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich. We have about 15 planters of herbs and vegetables that we are able to harvest and use...
We have a single-stream recycling program because we don’t have the ability to compost.
We have several independent residents in our main dining room who have some type of food allergy.
We purchased aprons with the child nutrition logo on the front for our employees. I realized they were wrapping the aprons around their waists.
We have real, usable, full-size plates that we mix in with our regular plates to raise awareness of healthy dining balance.
We collaborated with our sustainable dining interns to create a Basic Cooking Techniques cooking class certification, which ranged from knife skills to sanitation to soups, sauces and proteins...
One way we’ve improved customer satisfaction is to invite residents behind the serving lines to serve other residents.
Due to our strong focus on wellness and sustainability, three years ago Luther College began providing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) reimbursements to faculty and staff.


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