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salad bar

DIY instructions

We are creating recipe cards to display on our salad and sandwich bars to give customers ideas about salads and sandwiches they can assemble themselves.

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Healthy Snack Pack

I created a snack mix based on Dr. James Painter’s presentation at MenuDirections in 2012 about the 10 items to add to your diet. The mix includes raisins, dark chocolate chunks, pecans,...

Cooking Videos

We are in the process of scripting and filming a series of 15-minute cooking videos that are all based on healthy ways to prepare some commonly unhealthy dishes. The videos are a partnership between...

Breakfast Salads

We started serving salad at breakfast to satisfy our Asian students, who are used to eating salads in the morning. We offer proteins such as eggs, chicken and tofu.

Student Help

We had a computer science student develop an iPhone app for our department. Costs can be 90% less than using a traditional development company. Most times using a student will provide high-quality...

Coupon Book

We created a coupon book for all of the departments of our campus enterprises division, which features coupons for targeted campus dining locations, bookstores, golf courses, etc. The goal is to...

Patients’ Choice

We have a room service menu. We serve patients that stay three days up until three months. To increase variety for those patients who are in the hospital for a long time, we set up a make-your-own...

Color-coded Tongs

To help residents make healthy choices from the salad bar we started using color-coded tongs. We put green tongs in healthy items such as lettuce, tomatoes and raw vegetables and we use blue tongs...

Weight-loss Rewards

We reward employees who lose weight or reduce their BMI. Employees are weighed quarterly and receive 10% off in the cafeteria if they lose weight. 

Healthy Station

In our Watterson Dining Commons we have a Fresh Bites venue that features items from the American Dietetic Association’s top 100 perceived healthy items. The station features fresh...