Peanut butter bar

Published in FSD Update

Bob Sorochak
Case Athletic Dining Director
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

In October, our Fresh Start Mondays program at Case Dining Hall, in partnership with the National Peanut Board, featured a peanut butter bar complete with a variety of peanut butter preparations. For breakfast and lunch, we offered six flavors, including dark chocolate, cinnamon raisin and maple, to spread upon a selection of breads. We also prepared a peanut butter yogurt display featuring peanut butter mixed with yogurt and cut grapes topped with crushed peanuts. For dinner, the bar served as a build-your-own parfait station offering yogurt mixed with peanut butter or dark chocolate peanut butter with various topping options. The peanut butter bar raised guest count by 5% that day, and the students were excited.

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menu development
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