Lunch and Learn

As a new facility we aren’t hampered by long-standing events, so we’ve created new ones. One of the events we do five or six times a year is a Lunch and Learn with our chef. He cooks a three-course meal and teaches the residents, who pay a nominal fee, about what they are eating. We give the residents recipes so they can prepare the items on their own.

Cheryl Torre-Rastetter
General Manager (Cura)
Providence Point
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gluten free diet

From Stouffer’s.

A large part of menuing allergen-friendly cuisine is deciding which gluten-free items to serve.

In particular, college dining hall operators must decide whether to make gluten-free items in-house or to order gluten-free items from a manufacturer. Some factors to consider are: the size of the university, the demand for gluten-free options,and the ability to have separate gluten-free storage and workspaces in the university dining hall kitchen.

According to FoodService Director , 77% of college and university operators purchase their gluten-free...

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Reading Hospital in West Reading, Pa., is using robots to help deliver patient meals, BCTV reports.

The eight robots, named TUGs, will be used to transport meals from the hospital’s nutrition services department to patient floors at Reading HealthPlex for Advanced Surgical & Patient Care.

Moving at three miles per hour, the robots will follow preprogrammed routes to the HealthPlex, where room ambassadors will remove room service carts from the TUGs and deliver them to patients. The TUGs will then return to nutrition services with dirty dishes for cleaning.


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Sodexo has partnered with fast casual Blaze Pizza to offer the chain’s signature pizzas, salads, beverages and desserts at select venues served by Sodexo, including colleges and universities.

Bill Lacey, senior vice president of marketing at Sodexo, said that Blaze’s growth in the fast-casual sector drove the partnership. Blaze opened its first unit in 2012 near the University of California at Irvine. Its pizzas are flash fired, cooking in under 180 seconds, according to the chain—a selling point for busy customers.

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man working food

The old adage says to choose your friends wisely, but in foodservice, the same wisdom is needed when choosing a new vendor. Operators share the top three qualities they look for when bringing a new vendor into the fold.

1. Flexibility

Betsey Willard, child nutrition supervisor at Franklin Township Community School Corporation in Indianapolis, values a vendor’s willingness to truly become a partner with her district. “I have worked with many vendors in the past that have conducted business one way; if that way didn’t work for your district, then too bad,” she says. “Recently, I have...

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