Going Green

A look at how operators are implementing environmentally friendly programs
Judging from the popularity of food blogs and chef shows, most people outside the industry likely believe that food trends originate in fancy restaurants.
Despite the brutal Boston winter, the Red Sox's rooftop garden—dubbed Fenway Farms—launched just in time for opening day of the 2015 season in April...
While some New York City restaurants railed against a ban on polystyrene packaging, which was recently overturned, Columbia University was years ahead of the game.
When it comes to organic farming, St. Luke’s Hospital foodservice staff have found ways to streamline production and maximize utilization.
water saving graphic
Small equipment adjustments and training allowed University of California, Santa Cruz to beat its water goal, using just 4.23M gallons—a 19% decrease.
While many foodservice directors champion sustainable food, finding a greener way to clean with plant-derived agents might not be so straightforward.
beekeeper bee tray
Campus beekeepers at Boise State University and other colleges work to maintain foodservice supply amid concerns of honey bee colony collapse disorder.
Kathy King offers insight on how to tailor sourcing initiatives to a senior living facility.
champion food waste recycler
At last measure, food waste contributed 28 percent of the total 251 million tons of trash that ended up in landfills, the Environmental Protection Agency reports.
aquaponic lettuce
Sustainability is something that students value, and it contributes to food quality.


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