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secret suppers dish
Students at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colo., have the opportunity to experience haute cuisine—if they can get there before time runs out, that is.
cal tech flinstones mobile buffet
In an outdoor event this past spring, the dining services team at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in Pasadena, paid homage to the classic cartoon, “The Flintstones,” in a...
fla tech lime chicken saffron rice
Students, staff and community members at the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech), in Melbourne, won’t need a passport to experience the flavors of the world—they can just attend one of the...
You may have mastered millennials and possibly even Gen Z, but if you want to really ensure your business success, start hanging out in preschools.
From advances in technology to sustainability and an explosion in food knowledge, consumers in each generation are looking for different menus and service styles in their dining experiences—and non-...
marketplace online ordering
The lines are blurring at Binghamton University, in New York. What used to require standing in line with other students at the campus’s MarketPlace dining center will now simply require the click of...
making bacon at microsoft
In order to add a signature spin to its menu, the team at Compass Group-managed Microsoft Dining, in Redmond, Wash., has brought home the bacon—its own bacon, that is.
Hollywood’s glitz and glamor has steeped into Emerson Kitchen, the new dining location of Boston-based Emerson College’s satellite residential program in Los Angeles.
Georgia Tech southern food small plates
Small plates starring flavors of the South were the feature at the Meet The Chefs event at Georgia Tech University, in Atlanta, held at the end of the spring semester.
This month: gender pizza preferences, consumers ignore sodium intake and cereal price projections.


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