Districts making healthy strides but need equipment

Eighty-eight percent of districts need at least one new piece of equipment to serve nutritious foods, according to new study.

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  • 86% of school districts in Delaware are successfully serving healthy meals that meet strong nutrition standards.
  • 100% of school districts in Delaware need at least one piece of equipment to better serve nutritious foods. The median cost of this equipment is $82,000 per school. Overall, $14.6 million worth of foodservice equipment is needed in Delaware to better serve healthy foods.
  • 50% of school districts in Delaware have at least some budget for kitchen equipment upgrades. Of the districts with budgets, 60% expected the resources to be adequate. 20% of SFAs in Delaware were unsure whether they had a budget to purchase equipment.
  • 75% of the districts in Delaware need kitchen infrastructure changes in at least one school.

Top school kitchen equipment needs in Delaware:

  • 70%: Blast chillers. Cost to meet statewide need: $2.7 million.
  • 60%: Combi ovens. Cost to meet statewide need: $4 million.
  • 55%: Utility carts. Cost to meet statewide need: $71,000.
  • 50%: Scales. Cost to meet statewide need: $101,000.
  • 50%: Walk-in refrigerators. Cost to meet statewide need: $5 million.

Source: Kitchen Infrastructure and Training for Schools Survey, 2012, ©2014 The Pew Charitable Trust

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For the last three years, we’ve hosted an event called Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. We sponsor the local chapter of Future Farmers of America to raise the chickens, and we have to arrange all the transporting from farms to the distributor, which keeps the birds in a freezer until we’re ready. We build hype by having students vote on the proprietary spice blend they would like on the chicken. It helps the nutrition team get involved in the educational process and showcase local food purchasing.

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We are no longer short staffed, ever. On a given day, missing two team members from a team of 50 would leave us 96% staffed. The actual choice of wording places a positive emphasis on those that did come to serve our guests and patients. We no longer use the phrase “short staffed”; this is a game-changer when we are challenging ourselves as culture facilitators or leaders.

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To make safe food as accessible as possible for our guests with allergies, we are creating an allergen-friendly kitchen this summer. Students and community members will be able to use our mobile app to place orders for allergen-friendly food and pick them up at the central kitchen. The kitchen will also produce grab-and-go options that will be distributed across campus.

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About 90% of our students receive financial assistance and participate in our free and reduced-price meal program. But a number of students in our district study remotely due to circumstances such as chronic illness. In January, we hired a driver to deliver meals to students who aren’t able to step into our cafeteria each day.

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