Districts making healthy strides but need equipment

Eighty-eight percent of districts need at least one new piece of equipment to serve nutritious foods, according to new study.

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  • 86% of school districts in Delaware are successfully serving healthy meals that meet strong nutrition standards.
  • 100% of school districts in Delaware need at least one piece of equipment to better serve nutritious foods. The median cost of this equipment is $82,000 per school. Overall, $14.6 million worth of foodservice equipment is needed in Delaware to better serve healthy foods.
  • 50% of school districts in Delaware have at least some budget for kitchen equipment upgrades. Of the districts with budgets, 60% expected the resources to be adequate. 20% of SFAs in Delaware were unsure whether they had a budget to purchase equipment.
  • 75% of the districts in Delaware need kitchen infrastructure changes in at least one school.

Top school kitchen equipment needs in Delaware:

  • 70%: Blast chillers. Cost to meet statewide need: $2.7 million.
  • 60%: Combi ovens. Cost to meet statewide need: $4 million.
  • 55%: Utility carts. Cost to meet statewide need: $71,000.
  • 50%: Scales. Cost to meet statewide need: $101,000.
  • 50%: Walk-in refrigerators. Cost to meet statewide need: $5 million.

Source: Kitchen Infrastructure and Training for Schools Survey, 2012, ©2014 The Pew Charitable Trust

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