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The new has been redesigned to be more engaging and even easier to use. We’ve made it faster to find recipes, HR best practices and more.
The hottest renovation this week in noncommercial foodservice may be our revamped website.
The partnership will bring mobile ordering and meal delivery to more than 850 college campuses.
Officials say the high-tech site will allow the university to expand the food options it offers.
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In a recent study on data breaches, the No. 1 type of information stolen by far is a password. Here are ways operations can keep data on the lockdown.
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While websites like Yelp long have been a factor for restaurants, they’re relatively new for noncommercial operators, prompting questions from operators.
Spring Independent School District’s tactics include a fruit-themed “usie” photo contest.
Though officials say the new process will streamline cafeteria throughput, some groups are encouraging parents to question the implications of children using such technology.
FSDs take stock of how the demands of today’s diners are shaping the meal plan of the future, from data-syncing mobile technology to healthful discounts.
Officials say the program will help eliminate clerical errors.