The tablets increase swipe-in speed to the cafeterias and make it easier to correctly identify entering students.
The department says the web-based process will improve the programs’ integrity.
The new cards will provide easier dining hall access as well as stronger security, an official says.
Eight robots will be used to transport food from nutrition services to patient floors in a separate campus facility.
ipad laptop
Chris Studtmann, district executive chef at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., is cooking up a whole new program with the help of consumer analytics.
social media table
I run the Facebook account, and our director runs our Twitter, and between the two of us we take advantage of as many different photo sources as possible.
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Select U.S. cafes will give up counter space to serve creamy, nitrogen-infused java made from a cold-brew base. How did nitro become the hottest new thing in coffee?
The community has installed an around-the-clock snack bar and uses tablets to solicit resident feedback.
The school hopes the service will also boost sales at less-popular dining halls.
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt will fulfill student orders via drone by appointment.