The school offered free smoothies to promote its new reusable mugs for students.
The school credited its switch to anytime dining and stepped-up composting efforts with causing the declines.
Dining services partnered with the science school to serve a “biologically diverse” menu with such items as cheddar insect larvae.
The interactive program aimed to show students how much food gets thrown away in dining halls.
university michigan hat coffee cookies
When it comes to fostering engagement in sustainability efforts, you can step up and do the work, or wait for it to happen to you, says Keith Soster.
Through the grant, the districts have hired a farm to school team, implemented a farm to school menu day and purchased fruit sectioners so students can slice their own fruit.
A new program aims to expose students to more local items and give them nutritious choices.
As with the school’s garden, produce from the organic orchard will eventually be used for meals served in the cafeteria.
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Ohio State University upped student investment in its resuable cup program by personalizing a cup for each new student.
To reduce waste, straws will be removed from students’ direct access at retail dining locations.