blended burgers chefs
Students selected six blended burgers as the most delicious-looking of the year.
Shedd Aquarium White Sox Shedd The Straw
Guaranteed Rate Field is said to be the first in Major League Baseball to ban the use of plastic straws.
The district is earmarking as much as $40,000 for the study.
buying small
It’s not just about local—finding small producers with a good story is key.
One operation put its hydroponic gardens in a spot where students can watch them grow.
hines ward, Rush2Recycle
The NFL, PepsiCo and U.S. Bank Stadium will partner with Aramark, SMG and The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority on the Rush2Recycle zero-waste program.
School officials hope to reduce dining hall waste by 10%.
We decided to get rid of plastic trays 
and now offer cardboard trays in 
our cafeteria to support our district’s efforts to expand and improve our recycling efforts.
The salad bar goes “on sale” for 25 cents an ounce post-lunchtime to help reduce waste as well as offer value to customers.