reusable coffee cup thermos
Ohio State University started a sustainable cup program called My Cup. Personalizing helps students invest in the program and actually use their cups.
To reduce waste, straws will be removed from students’ direct access at retail dining locations.
Along with reducing waste, the study’s findings may also be used to revise federal nutrition standards.
The pop-ups, which sell produce from the hospital’s farm, are intended to educate patients and guests about nutrition.
The middle-schoolers also created their own dressing with help from their foodservice director.
Though dishwashing is just one of a kitchen’s priorities, the rise of disposables has affected dish rooms in all foodservice sectors—especially in Orange County.
colleen wright riva
Change has been on Colleen Wright-Riva’s mind since she arrived at University of Maryland from Cornell, a private institution that wins top marks for its dining.
Four steers were introduced as a part of the school’s farm-to-fork program.
Franklin College has seen a decrease in food waste during the past year.
The vendor has announced a new partnership and released a seafood sourcing policy.