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Sweeten a kicked up barbecue sauce with agave. The sauce will taste sweet, but not contain any additional refined sugar.
Falafel is appealing to vegetarians and carnivores alike.
No sugar is used in this dish. The sweetness comes from fresh mango with a kick from Thai chili garlic sauce.
Get in on the mushroom as meat trend with this burger. Portabella mushrooms provide texture while black beans provide protein.
This succotash would make for a great appetizer or small plate. See and taste the colors of the rainbow.
Fresh mango and honey add a sweet note to this otherwise savory quinoa salad.
Honey and raspberries brighten up ordinary butter, elevating it for special occasion use.
Executive chef Ricardo Abbott says this sausage is a healthy way to create a popular topping to add to whole wheat pizzas.
Take processed sugar out of the equation by using agave in this classic sweet-roasted carrot recipe.


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