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Nutrient-dense sweet potatoes partner with pears, carrots, onions and bell peppers in this colorful Thai-inspired dish.
Quinoa helps meet the challenge that meatless eaters sometimes face: getting enough protein into meals.

Use fresh, seasonal fruits to create a base for agua fresca, smoothies and raspados [Mexican shaved ice]. You can choose in-season, local fruit.

The University of Montana started playing with fermenting things that people used to throw out—the stems of mushrooms, the gills of portabella mushrooms.

Chef Stout transforms avocado toast, currently trending on breakfast menus, into a savory starter enhanced with crab meat.
The Chinese dumplings known as pot stickers no longer are limited to Asian menus.
These crisp carriers often incorporate whole-grain flours, nuts and seeds to further differentiate them from ordinary toasts or co
Small plates are the format at Chef Bernstein’s new restaurant, CENA, with a special focus on vegetable-centric preparations.


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