strawberry agua
Use fresh, seasonal fruits to create a base for agua fresca, smoothies and raspados [Mexican shaved ice]. You can choose in-season, local fruit.
mushroom stem assortment
The University of Montana started playing with fermenting things that people used to throw out—the stems of mushrooms, the gills of portabella mushrooms.
Avocado and Crab Toast
Chef Stout transforms avocado toast, currently trending on breakfast menus, into a savory starter enhanced with crab meat. He ramps up flavor with garlicky aioli, serrano chilies and lemon zest; sliced baby turnips add crunch.
Pork Pot Stickers with Red Pepper Jam & Pickled Mango Slaw
The Chinese dumplings known as pot stickers no longer are limited to Asian menus. Frozen pot stickers are readily available and can be customized with a chef’s signature touches. At Red Star Craft House, housemade pickled mango slaw and red pepper jam add textural interest and trendy flavors.
Housemade Seed Crackers with Spicy Grapes, Mascarpone and Honey
These crisp carriers often incorporate whole-grain flours, nuts and seeds to further differentiate them from ordinary toasts or commercial crackers. Juicy red grapes and creamy mascarpone add contrasting texture in this recipe.
Cauliflower Steak with Almond, Raisins and Capers
Small plates are the format at Chef Bernstein’s new restaurant, CENA, with a special focus on vegetable-centric preparations. One of the most popular items is a grilled cauliflower “steak” served with pickled garlic aioli, almonds, golden raisins and capers.
Instead of trying to find healthy (yet still convincing) substitutes for the butter or sugar in his peach cobbler, David Cohen tried a different approach.
University of Montana’s executive chef says flexibility is key when storing local produce for winter.
meatloaf veggies plate
Kim Smith's Brain Healthy Cooking guidelines have found a way to keep the meat in meatloaf while introducing more produce, grains and other ingredients...
Pear-Kale Super Smoothie
Smoothies have transformed from fruity blended beverages to full-on meals that customers can grab at a college dining hall, snack bar or McDonald’s drive-thru.